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2013 - 2014 Trip to California

November 29, 2013 - We’ve been here two weeks today. We spent the first few days renewing acquaintances with a few of the places we had come to know when we were here before in January 2012.

       Unfortunately, I soon contracted a bronchial infection - with very sore throat, heavy clogging in my throat, and a periodic cough. The greatest concern was that I would pass this on to Dorothy. On Friday, Nov. 22, I contacted our Health Insurance provider and they arranged for me to attend a walk-in clinic 5 or 6 kms away.

Now, I’m feeling some better and Blessedly Dorothy is still in good health. So, here are a few more photos - most taken yesterday and today.

Bears on the patio.

at the pool.

Our van parked.

Stop and smell the flowers.

Or enjoy a coffee in La Quinta village